Crystal River Meats

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Good For You

Our animals are born in the Roaring Fork and Crystal River Valleys, and happily raised on the abundant clean air, water and pasture and without antibiotics or growth homones. In the summer, our animals graze on the surrounding mountain landscapes.

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The Not-So-Good Alternative

In drastic opposition to our natural methods, today's industrialized meats that can be regularly found in super markets, have significantly reduced nutritional value, an increased risk of bacterial contamination, and exposure to a long list of unwanted chemicals.

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Good For The Environment

The benefits of buying and eating locally grown food are countless. While the average American eats food that has traveled 1,500 miles or more, our commitment to growing and processing locally requires considerably less fossil fuel consumption, which in turn reduces carbon emissions and petroleum depletions.

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Good For Our Local Economy

When you buy locally, your dollars stay within your community, and strengthen the local economy.

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