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Ranch Life

The following ranches are a part of our program, each participating to some degree in our breeding, purchasing, feeding and pasturing efforts. To them we are grateful for their involvement in our family business and their larger commitment to a healthy prosperous community.

Cold Mountain Ranch

Cold Mountain Ranch lies alongside the Crystal River, just south of Carbondale, Colorado. Marj Perry and Bill Fales have ranched here for over 35 years. The northern end of the ranch was part of Eugene Grubb’s, early Carbondale pioneer and potato grower, Mt. Sopris Farm. Marj’s grandfather purchased it in 1924. Robert M Perry, Marj’s father, took over the ranch in 1941 and successfully operated the Mt. Sopris Hereford Ranch for 65 years. The entire ranch has been protected with a conservation easement which guarantees that the ranch will perpetually be a sustainable source of local food production.

Cold Mountain Ranch has supplied quality cattle to Crystal River Meats since 2007. The cattle are predominantly Hereford that are cross bred with Red Angus to produce calves that excel on grass and  hay that is grown on the ranch. We carefully select for genetics that result in tender and delicious beef from this natural diet without having to supplement the cattle with grain. Our cattle never leave the Roaring Fork Valley.

We are proud of our cattle and our ranch and welcome any questions or comments.

Marj Perry and Bill Fales

Matt Turnbull's Ranch

The Turnbull family loves great beef!

Turnbull Land & Livestock is a fifth generation cattle and horse operation which began with the arrival of DRC Brown in Aspen, Colorado in 1880. Brown & Cowenhoven set up shop to supply the local miners with top quality produce and goods. Five generations later, our family owns and operates Scenic Mesa Ranch in Hotchkiss, Colorado which was one of DRC’s largest winter ranges. Our cattle winter out on the high desert mesas using the natural forages and irrigated meadows of the North Fork Valley. The cattle return to the high country around Carbondale for spring and summer pasture where the sugar content in the grass makes them ideal livestock for grass fattened consumption.

This locally raised beef is Hereford and Black Angus by breed. Bulls are carefully selected for carcass traits such as rib eye area, intramuscular fat content and tenderness. We proudly offer these cattle to Crystal River Meats and the Jacober brothers as some of the finest meats the valley has to offer.

Mat Turnbull
Turnbull Land & Livestock

Flying Dog Ranch West

Flying Dog Ranch West is located at the base of Mount Sopris, south of Carbondale. It is owned by Richard and Lydia McIntyre who live on property along with their two daughters, Meredith, Morgan and their families. 

The ranch is utilized as a home base for Crystal River Meats, it provides an annual crop of high energy alfalfa hay that is ideal for cattle in our cold winters, houses many of the horses used in the cattle operations, and is the site for the main storage freezer.

Water Gap Ranch

The Water Gap Ranch is located next to the South Thompson Wilderness. Will and Judy Perry own and reside on this property west of Carbondale, CO. In the past, the property has been operated by Will's father Bob Perry as part of the Mt. Sopris Hereford Ranch and was home to a cow calf operation.   Currently, the ranch is being leased by CRM as a vital part of our operations.

The Water Gap provides one cutting per year of high quality grass hay for the herd's winter feed. This ranch is an excellent location for fall grazing once the herd leaves their summer pastures in the mountains. Crystal River meats hopes to be involved in the preservation and improvement of this valuable property for years to come.

Sustainable Settings

Sustainable Settings is a non-profit organization that inspires people and communities to embrace solutions for sustainable development. Brook and Rose LeVan manage and run the non-profit and the 244 acre property. Sustainable Settings grows a variety of vegetables, raises chickens for eggs, runs a variety of educational programs, as well as works with Crystal River Meats in establishing a management intensive grazing program on their 90 acre pasture. The hope is for CRM to continue to work with Sustainable Settings to increase the productivity of the pasture while using sustainable practices and minimal fossil fuel usage.

Middle Ranch

The Middle Ranch is located in West Sopris Creek, about ten miles east of Carbondale, CO. Owned by Chester Irons, this ranch provides excellent grazing for the herd in the spring and fall.

Rock Bottom Ranch

Rock Bottom Ranch serves as the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies mid-valley hub for environmental education, wildlands preservation, and sustainable agriculture. The 113-acre wildlife preserve and education ranch is located between Basalt and Carbondale, situated between the Roaring Fork River and the Crown of Mount Sopris.

Rock Bottom Ranch has partnered with Crystal River Meats to raise our pasture chicken on property. Rock Bottom Ranch uses the birds as an education tool and as a demonstration for sustainable agriculture.

Avalanche Ranch/Hell Roaring

Part of the family and Tai Jacobers home, the Avalance Ranch is a classic place to raise and feed some great meats.